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Item Code 3332

Title Estate

Author Clayton, Robert

Signed By The Photographer

ISBN: 9780993128400

Condition: Hardcover



SIgned By the Photographer\n

\nThis is one of the best Photography books I have seen in a very long time. This couuld have been shot anywhere in the country, it jst happened to have been shot on the Lions Farm Estate, Oldbury, in the Black Country.\n\nThe book includes essays by Laura Noble and the eminent writer and broadcaster Jonathan Meades, an extract of which is quoted below:\n

\n "There was nothing special about Lion Farm Estate. It could have existed in more or less any British connurbation which was on the cusp of losing its raison d'etre. What is special is Clayton's humane rendering of it as a time capsule which emphasised ordinariness. This was how it was for millions of people in the early 90s. This was Britain between Thatcherism and, well, the smiley neo-Thatcherism of New Labour. A new political consensus was in place, an insidious consensus which blithely disregarded the sort of people who lived on such estates, the invisible people, the little people who had not the wherewithal to exercise their precious right to buy. Again Clayton leaves us to reach such conclusions. He has a broad and important socio-political point to make. It is all the more potent for being made so quietly." www.jonathanmeades.co.uk

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