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Item Code 3078

Title beyond

Author Shirobayashi, Kiriko


ISBN: 9781590052822

Condition: Hardcover



"Beyond" is printed in a first edition of 1,000 copies; only 500 copies will be distributed in the United States and Europe.

?The earth is a sphere. This simple fact still fascinates me. Beyond the horizon, there are continued horizons, other lives, and incidents. The landscape doesn?t exist in and of itself; it exists with other related environments of the time, and it carries layers of history beneath its surface.? ? Kiriko Shirobayashi The minimalist landscape photographs by Kiriko Shirobayashi that are presented in Beyond, the artist?s first monograph, combine a delicate Japanese aesthetic with rugged land- and seascapes. The horizon line motif underscores a common thread found in all landscapes, from urban skylines to swampy wetlands. Shirobayashi transforms the colors of her images, originally captured on color film, into mysterious, aqueous hues that offer a refreshing interpretation of the varied terrain that makes up the journey of Beyond. Born in Osaka, Japan and currently living in New York and Hong Kong, Kiriko Shirobayashi is the recipient of numerous awards, and has been widely exhibited in the United States and Asia.

ISBN: 978-1-59005-282-2

Hardcover, 12 x 13,

72 pages, 35 four-color plates.

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