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Item Code 2517

Title Penumbra

Author Nozolino, Paulo


ISBN: 9783931141325

Condition: Hardcover



Paulo Nozolino. Penumbra The first time I set foot in Tanger I knew. ... As the days progressed I felt something deep inside was awakening and I felt strangely serene. Old images from the past would crawl back to my mind as I watched people in the streets. I have never lived among them but seemed to have known them for years. I took this recognition of the unseen as a sign not to be ignored and I began looking for clues in every wall, and every detail... Penumbra-the no man's land between light and darkness, black and white, day and night. This is the ground Portuguese photographer Paulo Nozolino surveys. Shapes emerging out of darkness, only to disappear again. Nozolino is in love with the melancholy hues of gray, their immense richness and depth. For the past twelve years, he traveled throughout the Arab-speaking world-Egypt, Syria, Morocco, Yemen, Mauritania, Jordan, and Lebanon-immersing himself in ancient cultures and customs of these countries unknown to most of us. Nozolino knows the desert and its small villages, the noisy, overcrowded, decrepit cities; he observed people working, praying, smoking a water pipe. Thoroughly familiar with these cultures, he leaves behind the well-known clichés, the mass media's obstinate focus on conflict and terrorism in the Middle East. He shows a way of life oscillating between burning light and cool shadows-the glaring desert, the dimness of kashbah, long shadows in narrow alleys. Nozolino's photographs are disorienting fragments of one man's search for the essence of his attraction to an alien culture. Hardcover: 112 pages Publisher: Scalo Publishers (June 1996) Language: English ISBN-10: 3931141322 ISBN-13: 978-3931141325 Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 9.6 x 0.6 inches Shipping Weight:1.1Kg

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